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Please Note: We will be Closed on March 29th & on April 1st.

New Patients

Welcome to Dr. Christine Garrity

Dr. Christine can’t wait to welcome you into the practice. She aims to provide patients with the care they’re looking for, while treating them as if they were a part of her family.

Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by name, and our hope is that you instantly feel relaxed and recognize that you’ve come to the right place. If you’d feel more comfortable stopping by to meet Dr. Christine and tour the practice before your first appointment, by all means, we’d love to have you!

Simply give the practice a call or send us an email to arrange a quick tour. You can also contact Dr. Christine directly to ask any questions you might have—she welcomes them.

Our patient forms are quick and easy to fill out—in fact, you can do so by clicking here if you’d like. They’ll also be available for you in the practice.

If you have any images including recent x-rays or MRI’s, please bring them to the practice so that Dr. Christine can take a look at them.

Dr. Christine will speak with you about what’s brought you in today and take your health history. She’ll also ask about your health goals and what you hope to achieve in our care. Then, she’ll perform a physical examination to determine the best course of care for you. She’ll speak with you about recommendations, and treatments will start that day and may include care with our cold laser, ultrasound, or acupuncture, in addition to manual bodywork.

On your second visit, you’ll return to see Dr. Christine which will begin with a follow up of your first appointment. We’ll discuss how you felt after your first adjustment, and talk more about your care plan and answer any questions.

Regular appointments going forward will always consist of a discussion on how you’re feeling as well as reassessing what’s working and what’s not. At the need of the day, it’s our goal to get you feeling as well as possible.

Book Your Time Today

We’d love the chance to meet you and learn more about your goals in natural health. If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Christine’s offerings and how she may be able to positively influence your wellness, contact our practice today to book an appointment. Dr. Christine takes pride in offering affordable chiropractic care to all who want to experience its many benefits.

Extended Health Care Benefits

We are able to submit electronically on behalf of the patient. Please check with the clinic to see if your company is on the list. MVA and WSIB accepted.

We look forward to welcoming you into our care.


New Patients | (905) 471-2225